Long Sault, Ontario

Aerial View of Long Sault, Ontario Plant (note neighboring Yacht Club and other facilities)

Although a small (1500 cfm), indoor, container-type system, this installation demonstrates several key aspects of Ambio systems that are relevant to any installation; i.e. filter material life, performance in an extreme odour-sensitive location, and flexibility with respect to bed thickness.

This is the longest, continuously running biofilter Ambio has in any wastewater treatment plant. It was commissioned in 1994 along with the plant. The biofilter treats all of the odorous plant air, 14% of which is from the ATAD, and also including the head works, septage handling, and SBR room. The plant is in an extremely odour-sensitive location just upwind from and adjacent to a Yacht Club (see air photo), and surrounded by other boating facilities and a row of expensive homes. There have been no odour problems here in over 14 years of operation.

The filter material was changed after 6.5 years of operation, and the biofilter is still operating on that change of filter material, some 6 years later.

Due to the odour-sensitive nature of the location, the engineers insisted that the three beds be run in series instead of in parallel. Therefore, the bed was effectively 15 feet thick at start up, and the initial back-pressure was about 5.5 inches water column, much higher than the norm for Ambio systems (less then 0.5 inches at start up for 5 foot thick bed). At change out, the back pressure had increased to 11.5 inches, an increase of less than 1 inch per year. In a subsequent, very similar installation with the same engineers in Cardinal, Ontario a few years later, the beds were installed in parallel.