Advantages of Biofilters

  • Lower operating cost than all competing methods such as chemical scrubbing, activated carbon and incineration.
  • Low capital cost.
  • Ambio biofilters are designed to accommodate relatively low pressure drop.
  • Truly GREEN process—no harmful chemical used, low energy requirements, and final products are benign.
  • Our systems are designed to be simple and virtually maintenance free, apart from greasing the fan bearings and changing the filter material every 5 years or so. We guarantee a filter life of 4 years, but depending on the application, it may be much longer.
  • There are virtually no odours originating from any wastewater treatment environment that cannot be handled by a properly designed biofilter.
  • Safe and reliable operation.

Advantages of Photoionisation

  • Small footprint
  • can handle very high concentrations of odorous compounds (100's of ppm of H2S).
  • Particularly effective on all reduced sulfurcompounds.
  • Easily handles spikes
  • Operates over a wide temperature range (-30 oC - > 70 oC).
  • Low maintenance requirements (1/2 day/ year)
  • No water or chemicals required
  • Very stable process
  • Can easily be turned on or off and begins working immediately
  • Low energy demand

Advantages of Corona Discharge

  • Small footprint
  • Low capital and operating costs
  • Very little maintenance
  • Reduction of odor levels in odorous rooms, buildings
  • Healthier and safer working environment
  • Fewer air changes per hour, resulting in energy savings and smaller ducting for off-gas treatment
  • No water or chemicals required
  • Very stable process
  • Can easily be turned on or off, so can be used only when room is occupied
  • Flexible installation requirements (no ducting; can be hung on ceilings, walls, etc.)